Respected By Friend And Foe

With 255 kills, 160 officially confirmed by the Department of Defense, Chris Kyle is the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history. His fellow American warriors called him “The Legend” while the enemy defined their fear of him by calling him “the devil” (al-Shaitan) and placing a bounty on his head.

Unfortunately, Chris Kyle was tragically killed in 2013. But before his death, he chronicled his extraordinary battlefield experiences in the bestseller “American Sniper”. That book became a huge box office hit with its theatrical release in early 2015. The film received six nominations at the 87th American Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor for Bradley Cooper who played Kyle.

American Sniper

Bradley Cooper is seen wearing Wiley X Saint sunglasses in American Sniper.

Wiley X Eyewear Is Built For Extreme Environments

In the movie, Cooper wears Wiley X WX Saint Sunglasses, which are made by the leading protective and ballistic eyewear provider for the U.S. Military, outdoor sports participants and shooting enthusiasts. The American Sniper represents the highest needs in eye safety in some of the most extreme and high-pressure situations. Wiley X WX Saint represents the high standard found in all Wiley X eyewear that exists to meet those extreme needs. 

Wiley X is known for high-quality eyewear because:

  • All Wiley X Sunglasses meet, and many far exceed, ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards (except Youth Force styles, which are ASTM F803 rated).
  • Wiley X lenses are tough, impact resistant, polycarbonate.
  • Frames on Wiley X Sunglasses are durable & impact resistant.
  • All Wiley X lenses provide 100% UV protection.
  • Several models of Wiley X sunglasses feature a patented foam “gaskets” to help block the wind, dust & flying debris.
Wiley X Sniper

Wiley X Eyewear features the highest quality and safety standards needed for real-life military situations.

Wiley X Sunglasses have the reputation to keep up with active lifestyles in a variety of situations. They combine the highest quality and safety standards needed for both industrial and military standards, and they come in a variety of appealing designs and with a lot of different features available. In addition to many frame and lens options, the following products represent additional features available through Wiley X:

  • The Wiley X WX Saint provides maximum eye protection with impact resistant frames and lenses.

  • The Wiley X AirRage has removable facial cavity seal and features symmetrical venting that allows fresh air to enter the frame naturally.

  • The Wiley X Nerve compact ballistic goggles provide superior eye protection in the harshest and intense situations faced by military and law enforcement personnel through fog and scratch prevention technology. Note that these goggles also offer superb fit for women as well as men.

Whether you’re an active and adventurous person in your free time or if you have a rigorous and demanding career, Wiley X has a pair of sunglasses to meet your active needs. From motorcyclists and sports professionals to military and law enforcement personnel, refuse to settle for anything less than the proven standards of Wiley X. If Wiley X is good enough for an American Sniper, they’re good enough for any rugged, extreme and active environment.

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